Pig (Launcher and Receiver) Units

Pigs get their name from the squealing sound they make while traveling through a pipeline. Pigging in the maintenance of pipelines refers to the practice of using ‘pigs’ to perform various operations on a pipeline without stopping the flow of the product in the pipeline. These operations include however are not only limited to cleaning and inspection of the pipeline but also:

  • Inline Inspection
  • Pipeline Cleaning
  • Batching
  • Displacement
  • Product Saving

This is accomplished by inserting the pig into Pig Launcher. The launcher is then closed and the pressure of the product in the pipeline is used to push it along down the pipe until it reaches to the Pig Receiver – the ‘pig catcher’.

Rugged and dependable pig launcher and receivers are built in with the consistent, high-quality workmanship required to meet all the demands of the customer, environmental and industry standards.