It is the safest solution that gas pressure is reduced at desired level properly by gas pressure regulators and safety equipments to feed equipment working with gas. We offer gas pressure regulators and safety equipments carefully crafted by HONEYWELL for PN1-PN250 pressure class and applications.

When controlling gas flowrate in your applications, it is critical to ensure flowrate and purity at the point of use. We offer meters and also electronic devices carefully crafted by RMG for the calculation of the quantity of gas via the measured values of pressure, temperature or density as well as gas analysis systems belong to gas measuring technology.

Gas leaking out of pipes and equipment must immediately be detected in order to avoid explosions. Due to the fact that natural gas is odorless, it must be provided with a characteristic odour, so that it can be perceived far below its explosive limit.

Strong-smelling odorant is given to natural gas in odorization process. Mainly tetrahydrothiophene (THT)-mercaptans in some cases- are used as odorants.

Silencer on line or on end line is manufactured according to international standards in order to aside the sound caused by equipment (regulator, control valve, orifice plate etc.) at any pressure class and at pipeline or at chimney outlet of vent stack.